Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Phonar Creative Workshop Task 1:

I recently join Phonar which is a free course you can join over the Internet which is ran at Coventry University. Check out the link here to find out more. I like idea of sharing with other photographers and also taking part in something where you get free education of sorts.

The New Task
Completion date: 13th October 2011 (first session back)
Garner a portfolio of 8-10 images from different photographers whose work inspires you. Choose carefully, as though your edit was going to appear as a spread in a printed magazine, you may choose to lay them out as such if you wish, with attention to scale, pace and flow etc.
The portfolio must directly address a theme of your choosing – it could be a personal theme or a topical one, the choice is yours.

So here's my selection.

Paul Trevor
Most famous for documenting post war Liverpool and discovering that children in the midst of poverty and deprivation were fun loving and free with a tight nit community. What i get most out of these photos is the brutal truth of life before we got greedy and paranoid.

Alexey Titarenko
When i first saw Alexey's Photographs they drew my eye to the movement in the vast streets and open spaces of St Petersburg. The haunting images that he creates intrigues me and inspires me to play with the development of film and experiment taking the process to its limits and the creativity to endless limits.

Henri Cartier Bresson
One of the most original, accomplished, influential, and beloved figures in the history of photography. His inventive work of the early 1930s helped define the creative potential of modern photography, and his uncanny ability to capture life on the run made his work synonymous with the decisive moment and its this reason i carry a camera around in my bag all the time. Just when the time strike when an opportunity arises and a chance to capture that space and time in a fraction of a second.

This concludes my selection for the task.
Cheers for reading.


Razgale said...

Nice selection :)

Matt said...

thanks for the comment.