Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cool Packaging 6

Packaging doesn't have to be some crazy shape or form for it to be interesting or even successful. The branding and the colour design is just as important for the product to be successful. The idea that the packaging has to catch the eyes is well known but to keep the eye on it for even a couple of seconds for the brain to register the product and desire to take place is crucial.
Minimalistic packaging like the Polaroid's early 1960's instant film packaging was the most successful packing of its day with its striking rainbow colours that emulated the 60's was an instant hit and even today the boxes are collectors items for camera geeks around the world. Whats more interesting is what came next, with the Polaroid camera been regard as the ipod of its day it was kind of ironic that apple should follow similar direction in the design of their logo. As Polaroid started lose steam in the mid 1970's, Apple started to build and released their famous rainbow apple logo. It was thought that Apple had many meanings for their design choice one being Knowledge (apple) Hope (rainbow) and Anarchy (rainbow not in order). Even though i like this i feel that this next reason is more suited, on the tail end of Polaroid they create a logo that makes people stop and think, ask where have i seen that before, Dajavu. And its that time that keeps you thinking. enough time for desire to step in. 

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