Thursday, August 25, 2011

VAV Mirrors

I have seen a few students use Mirrors in the past for their work, whether it be for experimental use or for their Final Projects, And I'm in the belief that if you use mirrors it has to really well thought out and not rushed because there is a fine line between it looking awesome and looking absolute shite.

I do like however how VAV architects have experimented with a mirror in the tunnel cutting through a bridge.

the idea of exploring the mirror for the installation has grown from the desire to capture, explore and experiment with the landscape, rather than the built form. The project itself is not important on it's not, as much as is its relationship with the site. the mirrorlab is merely a tool to explore and capture the views of the existing and by doing so it becomes invisible, completely dissolving into the landscape. A simple insertion into the bridge, solely supported by the two points, mirrorlab adds a new dimension to the site, both inside the arc by doubling and inverting the space, and outside by capturing and framing the views. Pivoting through the centre, the door allows the visitors to interact with and become part of the installation, immersing themselves into and exploring both the real and the reflected landscapes. 

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