Saturday, August 20, 2011

Da Feng


Da Feng is a freelance designer who also writes a blog called Pretending and Pretentious ( which i think is a great name for a blog because most designers are pretentious tits). His blog is really interesting and he posts alot about his work and projects he is working on but what is interesting is that he doesn't leave out all the working out he dose within his projects so you get a clear journey of his process. His latest project is called Flake and is mega cool, he uses alot of CAD which i just love and also models in 3D which is a winner for me too. Check out the video below and his blog.

I buzz off the idea of this car, the fact that the idea came from cigarette ash, how the whole car body acts as its suspension, the idea the car auto change as soon as the ground gets rough. The wheels are cool they turn from all terrain to slicks and the doors are just evolution of gull wings. awesome.

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