Monday, January 23, 2012

Aaron Moran

Aaron Moran received his BFA from Emily Carr in 2007, and further supplemented his visual language with two years studying film at SFU. His practice incorporates sculpture, assemblage, drawing, and print media. Aside from his traditional work, he is also involved in an array of self-published projects ranging from zines, to artist books, and everything in between. He is the current artist in residence at the Ranger Station Art Gallery through the Kent / Harrison Arts Council in Harrison Hot Springs, BC.
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I have come across Aarons work before and just not out it up on the blog, check out his Tumblr for a wide range of works, i really like the selected work iv posted but to be honest i beginning to be a fan of all his stuff. Seeing some of the students do something similar in the past i have real appreciation for his work and style.

Altar To The Space Man
16 x 22 x 7
Found wood, concrete, acrylic, house paint, magazines, metal, pencil, copy transfer

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